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Our Mission.

We strive to find the best in home decor while supporting social causes dear to our hearts. Our products are hand selected because of their story. Fair trade products supporting people with real living wages. Companies that give back to projects that do social good. Stunning pieces that are handmade in the USA. Rest easy, these products look good + do good.

  • vases

    Explore our range of vases and vessels that were designed to bring in texture and personality. Vessels really are the easiest way to decorate a bookshelf.

  • soy candles

    Spa worthy soy candles that have been hand poured in Nashville. Discover your new favorite scent in unique, and reusable, containers.

  • copper bells

    Stunning copper bells that have been handcrafted in the desert Kutch region. These are coated in copper and brass and hand tuned to create a unique sound.

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handcrafted pieces to elevate your home.

Styling Collection

Styling Collection

It's all in the details. And we've made it easy to find...