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Blue Bamboo Peshtemal Towel

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A beautiful, lightweight Turkish towel handmade with bamboo and Turkish cotton. Bamboo, known for its butter-soft texture, combines with cotton to create this winning piece. Great for a bath or beach towel, or even a tablecloth!

Width: 35 Inches
Length: 70 Inches


These Peshtemals, or Turkish towels, are ethically produced the traditional way, on hand-woven looms in Turkey. These unique, multipurpose towels have over 600 years of history backing up their quality. Originally used for Turkish baths, they are super absorbent, dry quicky lightweight, and easy to carry.


Made with high-quality, 100% organic Turkish cotton, handwoven by Anatolian masters. Anatolia is the peninsula that is known as Turkey.

Care information

Machine wash on cold. Lay flat to dry. Presoak overnight in cold water for maximum absorbancy before the first use or wash.

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